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A Guide to picking the right vehicle for you

So – you coming to Australia and decided to buy a car – GREAT! Now comes the big decision – what do I actually want? Do I want a stationwagon, van or maybe even a 4WD?



If you are on a real budget the Stationwagon is your best decision – they can be quite cheap and you can split any extra costs – petrol/camp stations – among a group of people. Stationwagons are also rather easy to fix on a decent price level. Should you decide to stay lots of nights in a hostel it might worth considering a van – hostel accommodation costs can very quickly add up and you may find that a van – with a proper bed & kitchen – might be a lot more suitable. A 4WD is the definitely on the top price wise but you paying for the real-life outback experience – so it’s worth it.


If you are planning to travel in a van we would never recommend for more than two people – some vans offer space for three but it is rather tiny. A van is great to travel around Australia if you are planning to travel for a long time and know each other very well – long-standing friends or couples. A Wagon will allow you to travel with people you just fairly know – pick them up at hostel – travel with them for a few weeks and then continue on your own or with other people you might meet on your trip. When it comes to 4WD you definitely always want to travel with a very close mate or partner as 4WD in the outback has its own little challenges and rewards – people need to know what they are doing and you need to rely on them.


If you are only planning to travel for a very short time around Australia a Wagon is the best option – fairly cheap and easy to find/sell. Vans & 4Wd are definitely for more than just a few month – 4-6 month should be the minimum.


Ok, so haven’t been too positive about 4WDs BUT for the real outback Australian experience that’s your #1 choice. Some of the best spots can only be seen via a 4WD! There is nothing better than heading to a secluded area – with no one around – at a beach or national park – sitting around the firework and sleeping in your 4WD (TIP: Travellers Autobarn offers 4WD with beds…) – amazing. Of course, the van or stationwagon offers you similar options – very similar – but the real adrenaline kick is with a 4WD.

No matter which option you chose there is no better way to see Australia than in your own vehicle – it’s amazing. For more information about “THE RIGHT VEHICLE” please visit this link here…! For now please enjoy these great road-trip pics around Australia – HAVE FUN!

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