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Travellers Autobarn Campervans - Buy, Sell, Rent, Hire

Offering a range of campervans/campers and cars/station wagons rentals and sales with guaranteed buyback from 6 Australia wide locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth and Melbourne.

$19 Wagons/$33 Vans out of BRISBANE/CAIRNS - CLICK HERE

As a proud and well established Australian campervan company, Travellers Autobarn (est. 1993) is a 'one stop shop' for the backpackers and budget travellers planning their self drive trip around Australia or simply up the coast in a campervan.

Our Australian Campervans & Backpacker Cars

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We have the best campervan Australia deals. Our HiTOP campervans are all factory built, purpose built for you to rent. They are reliable and functional, there's plenty of space and are about the smallest vehicle that can truly to be called a campervan. Our CHUBBY campers are all factory built and are arguably the best mini campers/campervans in the Australian market.

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Buying a Cheap Backpacker Car in Australia / Campervan Sales with Guaranteed Buyback

Buying a car, van, camper or wagon is the perfect cheap travel solution for a Gap year or long term traveller/backpacker. Travellers Autobarn offers a selection of 100 vehicles for sale spread across our campervan Australia wide store locations.



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We have over 15 years experience in campervan sales and have sold approx 10,000  campervans and backpacker cars to travellers from all over the world. We offer a range of services and warranties that go way beyond any other dealer in Australia.  Over many years we have developed a package that is designed to specifically for you as an international visitor to Australia. Check out the following services and features:

  • Try & Buy Scheme
  • 3 day 100% money back guarantee
  • 14 day total warranty
  • 5000km engine & gearbox warranty
  • 1800 freecall advice and support hotline
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Expert advice and experience in car ownership issues such as registration
  • and even 3rd party property insurance is available too.
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A camper van holiday is one of the best ways to experience this country up-close whilst providing you the flexibility and comfort to travel at your own pace, putting you in the drivers seat in making your long lasting memories.

In trying to make your road trip as convenient as possible and depending on your needs, we a offer variety of vehicle and living equipment features i.e. gas cooker, air condition, fridge e.t.c. to travel around Australia without sacrificing all of the comforts of home. There is no cheaper way to travel Australia than in one of our campervans, campers, wagons, stationwagons or cars. All our campervans and station wagons come with the ability to sleep in the vehicle….meaning big savings on your accommodation budget.