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A day in the life of a backpacker

A day in the life of a backpacker.


You wake up at the unthinkable time of 7am due to the sunshine flooding in the windows. You try to go back to sleep, but you can’t. The day is beckoning!

You have a very exciting breakfast consisting of a jam sandwich… and a cup of tea made with a tea bag you stole from a hostel, weakened with some powdered milk from a zip lock bag. You sit outside sipping on your tea, looking out on the beautiful view of the secluded beach you stopped at last night. You’re not entirely sure whether you were supposed to park there… it didn’t technically say you couldn’t park there… however, it’s safe to say it’s probably frowned upon.


Once the tea has been finished, you shove on yesterdays clothes and jump in the driver’s seat and set off. You drive to Woolworths or Coles or some other huge supermarket. After checking the van fits in the car park you drive in, park up and go to make full use of their customer toilets. A little bit of personal grooming goes a long way and after brushing your teeth and washing your face with some cold water you feel like a million dollars. You might even decide to wash your hair in the sink quickly if no ones around… who knows when you’ll next have the opportunity to do it… failing that, you give it a dry shampoo job, no one will know the difference anyway.

You return to the van to plan the day’s itinerary; it’s only 8am, so you have plenty of time to crack on with that long journey up the east coast. You start to drive north whilst listening to triple j on the radio, blasting out the lyrics with the rest of the road trip crew. You stop at a few places for coffee, to pose with kangaroos for photos, to buy snacks, for sunbathing breaks and to swap drivers. By mid afternoon you’re ready to have some time off, so find a caravan park to stay at for the night.


You and the crew jump out of the vehicle, stretch your legs and go on the hunt for some food. You find yourselves exploring a small town with not much more than a handful of shops and a small café. After spending half your days allowance on a bacon sandwich you feel much better and go on a short hike to explore the surrounding area. You meet another small group of people on the way and you automatically merge into one, chatting away to each other like you’re old friends. You stumble upon a deserted beach and find yourselves running into the crashing waves – immersing yourself in the ocean, splashing each other and reminding yourself how much you love to swim. You leave the sea only temporarily to reapply sun cream as the sun rays are harsh, and you’ve learnt from previous mistakes. As you grow tired you all slowly return to the campsite to use the showers and wash the salty water from your body and clothes. You’re ready to cook some sausages on a make shift barbeque with your new buddies before leaving for bed. As you get up to leave, someone offers you a cider… and as tired as you are, you remember travelling is all about embracing opportunities and meeting new people. You gratefully accept. It will be the first of many drinks this evening and you can tell it’s going to be a long night… yet another one to remember.


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