There are many natural and human-made wonders down in the Land of Oz and the city of Sydney is definitely one of the latter. There is no shortage of adventure and excitement in the cultural capital of the world, with millions of tourists pouring in from across the globe to experience its positive, progressive lifestyle and imbue themselves with timeless Aussie culture.

Fortunately, you’re more than a tourist, you’re a traveller, a spiritual nomad on a quest to make the most out of your time under the sun. Good on ya mate, because this type of unique mindset gives you an opportunity to experience the gem of Australia in all its glory. Here’s how to experience Sydney like a true local.

explore sydney like a local

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Skip the hotels

Can you imagine yourself staying at one of the commercial hotels, confined to your de-personalised, lavish accommodation, like a mere tourist? Chances are you wouldn’t even get a chance to get out of the maze-like hotel complex during your stay. Nope, if you want to experience Sydney in all of its glory, you need to banish all thoughts of staying at a hotel, and crash at a friend’s house, share a room, or book a private stay in an empty apartment – it’s what a true Aussie would do.

Embrace the hipster coffee culture

From your private apartment imbued with timeless Sydney flair, you can head out into the welcoming arms of its opulent hipster coffee culture. And boy, will you be greeted with a smile and a hug. Sydney is a hipster’s coffee haven, with a dynamic population of vibrant millennials scattered all across its main local attractions, such as the breathtaking coffee shops, best coffee beans suppliers, and numerous small (and large) street pop-up coffee stands each with its own unique, off the hook flair.

sydney cafe culture

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Relax like a local

A true Sydneysider knows how to relax, have decent fun and spend their time surrounded by positivity and imbued with opulent tastes. In essence, an Aussie knows where the best food and craft beer is, and where they can easily meet new people for a random round of darts. They’re just friendly like that.

That’s why visiting the Sydney craft scene is an essential part of your trip. The more prominent hipster district jam-packed with fun and a sense of the old is Darlinghurst. This is the district where people from all over the city come to socialise and look for new and exciting experiences.

Party like a maniac

If bars aren’t your cup of Australian tea, don’t worry, there’s plenty more waiting for you in the belly of the beast. Sydney is notorious for its vibrant and even off the hook club scene, and you can easily find your way to an unforgettable night by following the crowds around the town.

Usually, the locals will have their pre-club drinks in the suburbs, like Newtown or Darlinghurst, and then gradually migrate to the clubs at George Street in the city centre for a night of all-out partying. Remember to drink responsibly though.

sydney bar night life

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Check out the vibrant art scene

Finally, you don’t want to leave Sydney without visiting its art scene. Now, art comes in many forms, and Sydney has something to offer to everyone. From numerous festivals, outdoor film screenings and stand-up comedy shows, to street artisans displaying their talents in a myriad of unique ways, there is no shortage of cultural excitement here. Be sure to check out the city centre around the Opera House and Hyde Park to witness true Aussie chi at its best.

With winter soon to be over, Sydney is once again becoming a lush and vibrant playground for nomads, locals and wanderers of every kind looking for their own place under the Australian sun. A lifetime is probably not enough to experience all that this amazing city has to offer, but you can certainly make your time here worthwhile with this essential guide.

Peter is a travel and lifestyle editor at Ana’s World magazine, living between UK and Australia.

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