Are you planning a gap year Down Under? Not sure where to travel to yet, or if you can even afford it?

There’s lots of information floating around online about how much it costs to spend a gap year in Oz and how much you need to survive.

To help you out we’ve put together a list of our most popular questions and answers that cover what you need to know about how much it costs to spend your gap year in Australia.

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How much does food and drink cost in Australia?

The average spends $103 a week on groceries. However with some smart thinking, a little planning ahead and some advice from locals you should easily be able to reduce this to around $75 a week.

In terms of drink, a box of 24 beers will set you back about $50 and a bottle of wine will cost around $10. Most backpackers opt for ‘goon’, (cheap wine that comes in a box).

Eating out can be relatively inexpensive in Australia and a main course comes in at around $20. Avoid eating in tourist hotspots and stick to local gems in the suburbs where you can often find great deals and special lunch menus.

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How much will it cost me to travel around Australia by road?

The best (and one of the cheapest) ways to travel around Australia on your gap year is to buy or rent a campervan. If you’re only planning on being on the road for a 2 – 8 weeks then you might want to consider renting a campervan, prices can start from as little as $35 a day.

If you are planning a longer trip then it can be more cost effective to buy your car or campervan. The cost of a second hand campervan can start from around $3000 all the way up to $10,000.

Campsites usually cost between $15 and $20 a night (depending on the location and facilities on offer) or alternatively there are lots of free campsites around Australia.

The cost of fuel will be one of your biggest expenses if you are travelling around Australia by road, but it’s relatively cheap in comparison to Europe. The cost of fuel is currently about $1.30 a litre.

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What are the other options for travelling around Australia?

Internal flights: Keep your eye on the Jetstar or TigerAir website for regular sales
Coach or bus: Greyhound is Australia’s budget bus service that has routes between all major cities
Train travel: Australia’s rail network crosses the whole country – but it is a little pricey (in comparison to the options above)
What is the cost of living in Melbourne vs. Sydney?

Most travellers on their gap year to Australia spend a significant amount of time on their trip living in one of Australia’s 2 most famous cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Both cities are fantastic places to live, eat and work – but how does the cost of living compare?

According to one study, the cost of living in Melbourne is 4% cheaper than the cost of living in Sydney, with cheaper food, accommodation, entertainment and transport.

On the other hand if you do manage to pick up some temporary work while in Australia you can expect to earn more in Sydney than in Melbourne.

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How much does accommodation cost in Australia?

If you plan on staying in hostels, then be prepared to pay around $20 on average per night for a bunk in a dorm. Hotels (or motels as they are more commonly known in Australia) start from around $40 per night.

If you are spending your gap year travelling in a campervan then expect to pay $15 – $20 a night for a pitch on a campsite (and the cost of your campervan).

If you are hoping to stay in one place for a couple of months then you may choose to rent a room. Rent is dependent on the city you are in and whether or not you choose to share a room, but prepared to pay anything from $150 – $400 a week for a bed.

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