Fridge vs no fridge – lots of space vs not so much space – proper camper vs jellybox van….decisions decisions decisions. Buying or renting a car or camper for the first time can be pretty daunting and with so many options out there it is sometimes a little bit confusing what the best option for you is.

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We hope the below helps make things a bit easier for you, because we remember our first time too!



station wagon_TAB

A real Australian classic. Sadly, not many companies hire out station wagons these days, however we think It’s a great way to travel as it’s so easy to drive and a perfect way to save some petrol money. We wouldn’t recommend using one if you’re planning on sleeping in your vehicle every night for a month (although you can sleep in it if you want), or have lots of luggage but other than that it’s a solid choice.

For more information to rent a Stationwagon please click here

2-BERTH VANS (in plain English – a camper for 2 people)


Wow – you won’t have any trouble finding 2-berth vans in Australia – they are everywhere! 2-berth vans are ideal for couples or best mates and are ideal if you are travelling for up to a month. 2-berth vans are easy to find parking for and cause no headaches when heading towards shopping malls as the traditional vans are low enough to fit into every car park entrance… there’s nothing more embarrassing than being ‘that person’ who gets their van stuck with their roof hanging off. Trust us.

When looking for 2-berth vans these are the things you should look out for:

  • Age – in Australia you can get vans from 16 years old to 1 year old. Don’t be fooled by some of the shiny colours on the vehicle – the quality of paint doesn’t always give a fair representation of the vehicles age! (Think women and make up).
  • Space – Lots of vehicles out there have been converted from a standard car into a van which means no proper table and no option to really chill out should it rain outside – it is pretty much just a bed on wheels.
  • Kitchenette – if you are travelling for more than a week you will probably want to have a proper functional “van-kitchen” – even if it’s just hot water for a cuppa soup or instant noodles. (Yeeeah, we know what you eat).
  • Fridge vs Esky – both have pros & cons. Obviously a fridge can come in handy, however most of them only work if you recharge the battery. With an esky all you need to do is to buy a packet of ice and you can keep your items cold whenever you would like to, or until the ice melts… – keep it old school!

3to5-BERTH CAMPERVANS (focus Toyota Hiace models)


3 to 5-berth campervans are the most popular option for campervan travellers around Australia. The majority of them come with lots of space, with internal height between 185 cms to 210 cms (ideal for tall people). There’s lots of room inside the van and comes with a fridge/microwave/sink/freezer – ideal for those travellers who like home comforts. If you are a bit older we definitely recommend you go for these campervans as they are that little bit more ‘luxury’.

We hope that helps a bit! Should you have any more questions and/or are planning to travel around Australia in a campervan give Travellers Autobarn a call on 1800 674 374 – for their full range of campervan options check out the latest deals and specials on campervan hire in Australia.

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