Australia is a goldmine when it comes to bucket list experiences. Due to the sheer size of the country, there is something for everyone. If you like water, sand, mountains or alcohol there is a wide variety of things to do, see or drink. To make your life easier we have created The Ultimate Aussie Bucket List.

1. Swim with whale sharks in Exmouth, Western Australia.

The whale shark is a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest known extant fish species. Though totally harmless, the sheer size of these beauties will be enough to get the adrenaline pumping. Experience them up close and personal in Exmouth, Western Australia, usually between March to August. Prices for this experience start from $200.

Swim with whale sharks in WA

2. Go sandboarding in Lancelin (WA) or Port Stephens (NSW)

What do you do when the surf is choppy or just non-existent and the weather is warm? You go sandboarding! The perfect activity to adventure-seekers of all age, sandboarding with bring plenty of laughs in a beautiful location, two things we think go perfectly together! Prices start from $28/day.


Photo by @lbivnca_

3. Take a selfie with a Quokka on Rottnest Island

Rotto is one of the only places where you’ll be able to see them in their natural habitat. Fun fact: Rottnest Island was named by a Dutch explorer who thought the Quokkas were in fact rats. Rottnest = Rat’s Nest. These little guys are friendly to all and certainly not camera shy, so make sure you get your iconic Quokka-selfie when you’re in Australia! Return ferry tickets to Rottnest Island start from $29 from Perth.


Photo by @rottofest

4. Visit Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia.

Visit this giant rock formation in Southwest Western Australia. If you are road tripping from Perth you can discover this weird and wonderful landmark and several other stunning locations in the region. Ten points for anyone who can guess why it’s called ‘wave rock’!


5. Drive the Eyre Highway, Nullarbor, Western Australia.

Drive the longest straight road (90 miles) from The Eyre Highway. The highway links Western Australia and South Australia via the Nullarbor Plain. The drive between Adelaide and Perth along the south coast of Australia is simply stunning, with red sands contrasting against rugged coastal cliffs and bright blue water. This road trip is iconic for a reason!


6. Swim with Sea Lions, Baird Bay, South Australia.

Swim with sea lions and you’ll be enchanted by the engaging ‘puppy dogs of the ocean’. Prices start from $195.


Photo by @adventurebaycharters

7. Dive with Great white sharks in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Great White Sharks are an endangered and protected species in Australia. This experience of viewing Great White Sharks in their natural habitat is great to get an idea of their natural habitat and to understand the significance of their presence in their ecosystem. Prices start at around $395 for a full day tour.


Photo by @jadeyb123

8. Drive the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s greatest drives. The 243-kilometre drive between Torquay and Allansford (near Warrnambool) winds through rainforest, hugs cliff edges and offers you the chance to see a number of renown sights. We recommend hiring a campervan and spending at least 3 days exploring the beautiful coast. Read our Ultimate Guide to the Great Ocean Road here.


Photo by @saskiatk

9. View the Aurora Australis, Tasmania.

Aurora Australis, a natural light phenomena native to Australia is a shimmering, shifting light show. The aurora is caused by electrically charged protons being diverted harmlessly by Earth’s magnetic field. Those protons that get low enough — about 100km above the ground — can collide with the atoms of the upper atmosphere and generates the eerie glow. They’re best in Tasmania or southern Victoria, or if they’re very strong they can be seen in southern NSW. The further away from cities/towns the better your chances of seeing an aurora.


Photo by @higherperspectivephotography

10. Celebrate A White Christmas on Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, New South Wales.

Celebrate Christmas the Aussie way! Though there won’t be any snow in Australia’s December, the white sands of Jervis Bay will make any Christmas white! Visit Hyams Beach near Jervis Bay in New South Wales where the sand is clean, fine and pure white, the shallow water blue and great for swimming and snorkelling.


Photo by @nathanxgaga


11. Camp at the highest point in Australia, atop Mt. Kosciuszko in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales.

If you’re a real adventure seeker, you can hike to the top of Mt Kosciuszko (2,228m) and spend the day exploring and taking in the sites. For those who’d like a little more outdoor enjoyment, pack your tent and gear and camp in the national park.


Photo by @boenferguson

12. Bridge Climb, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, New South Wales.

Climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to get an amazing view over the city. Sydney Harbour is spectacular from any angle, but best experiences from the top of its iconic Harbour Bridge. For the best experience, you can do this is sunset and watch the city turn from golden hues to sparkling city lights. Prices start from $148.


Photo by @matiov91

13. Visit the amazing rock formations in the Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

The Jamison Valley stretches north-south from just outside of Katoomba to the Mount Solitary ridge; in this direction, it is approximately 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) long. The valley is characterised by steep sandstone cliffs. The Jamison Valley is a popular place for bushwalking and camping. There is an extensive network of tracks across the northern escarpment, including Darwin’s Walk, the tracks in the Valley of the Waters and old, neglected tracks that Blue Mountains bushwalkers have been trying to restore for years


Photo by @askrozau

14. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most accessible reefs and offers excellent snorkelling and diving experience. You’ll be stunned as you witness the bright colours and beautiful sea creatures in the world’s largest coral reef.


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15. Kayak in Katherine Gorge, Western Australia.

Spend the day lazily kayaking through Katherine Gorge in Western Australia taking in the breathtaking scenery.


Photo by @traceface_xx

16. Crocodile diving, Darwin, Northern Territory.

Are you ready for the Cage of Death?  Located in Darwin, Australia, the Cage of Death provides a unique opportunity to swim with crocodiles in relative safety inside a thick perspex enclosure which is raised and lowered into several different crocodile enclosures.


Photo by @vipstylelifestyle

17. Witness the Sun Rise Over Uluru, Northern Territory.

Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s Red Centre desert, 450km from the nearest large town, Alice Springs. Watch the sunrise from the official Olgas lookout because the ever-changing colours are truly beautiful.


Photo by @kirst74

18. Visit Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

Arnhem Land is unspoiled and incredibly remote – 91,000 square kilometres of tropical wilderness in Outback Australia. The oldest living culture in the world originates here (dating back 50,000+ years), and the small population of Aboriginal Australians who do continue to live off the land have kept their traditional culture largely intact. Access to Arnhem Land is so restricted that only selected tour operators who have earned the trust of traditional landowners may bring visitors in.


Photo by @coralexpeditions

19. Hike up to Wineglass Bay Lookout in Tasmania

The hour-long hike up to Wineglass Bay Lookout is well worth it because the view from the lookout is to die for! Bring water and comfortable shoes.


Photo by @wineglassbaycruises

20. Drink wine in the Margaret River Region, Western Australia.

Drive 3 hours south of Perth to the Margaret River region which produces more than 15 per cent of Australia’s premium wine. Rolling vineyards set against a backdrop of ocean and forest let you easily hop from one experience to the next. Spend the day at one of Margaret River’s great wineries, where you can enjoy a glass of the region’s world-renowned wine.


Photo by @thewinemuse

There’s certainly a lot to see and do in Australia and there’s no doubt you would need a lot of time to tick off all these excellent bucket list activities! But the best bucket list activity of all? Travelling Australia in a campervan! Travellers Autobarn has six campervan and car hire locations around the country, so you can be nearby to access these amazing destinations while exploring wild and free. Get a quote on a campervan and start ticking off your bucket list experiences today.

Whether you’re a first-time campervan traveller or a seasoned van lifer, check out our other handy Campervan Travel Tips before you start your Aussie adventure.

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