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Why Travellers Autobarn?

So, you arrived in Australia or are planning to travel around Australia. But what kind of transportation should you use? There is only one clear answer to this question – a CAMPERVAN or CAR. How else can you stop along the beach whenever you want, travel to any location whenever it suits you and have the freedom of really seeing Australia.

Only Travellers Autobarn offers you special campervan services which no other companies can offer you and has locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Perth & Darwin.

Some of our key campervan & car rental benefits include:

  • We offer Stationwagons & campervans of all sizes!
  • We have offices all around Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin & Perth
  • Under 21? No worries! Anyone over 18 with a full licence can rent campervans/cars with us
  • Your bond will only be frozen on your bank account for up to 14 business days – no cash bond or credit card deductions like many of our competitors!
  • Free Maps and Camping Guides with access to FREE CAMPGROUNDS
  • 24/7 road-side assistance
  • 10% discount on selected caravan parks
  • TAB Drive Guide – hints & tips on driving around Australia and special discounts through our partner network
  • And lots more….

To view our rental fleet please visit our campervan hire & car rental section here…..

Some of our key campervan & car sales benefits include:

  • Nationwide Guaranteed Buyback ( who wants to spend their last days in Australia trying to sell their car?)
  • 3 day 100 % money back guarantee
  • 2 week total warranty
  • 5000 km or 3 month (whatever comes first) Australian-wide engine & gearbox warranty
  • Registration & Registration Extension Solutions
  • 24/7 raod side assistance membership
  • Optional 12 month AWN Warranty
  • FREE CALL Aftersale 1800 support – 7 days a week (business hours)
  • Access to our network of trusted mechanics – Australia wide
  • Maps, Discounts & Camping Gear
  • TAB Drive Guide – hints & tips on driving around Australia and special discounts through our partner network

To check out our vehicles please go to our campervan & car sales section here….

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