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Western Australia is huge – you’ve got one side with incredible beaches and towns, contrasted by the red sands of the nation’s outback.

So, if you’re only looking for a weekend getaway near Perth, and want to get out of the city – we’ve hand-picked 5 must-see destinations to explore during any road trip.

Here are Perth’s Best Weekend Getaway Road Trips:

  1. Esperance
  2. Hamelin Bay (via Margaret River)
  3. Denmark
  4. Jurien Bay
  5. Kalbarri National Park

Heading South

Esperance, WA

How could we leave this out? Esperance – one of Western Australia’s most iconic destinations, where people from all over the world come to visit.

Sure, it might not exactly fall into a weekend road trip – but if you take an extended drive – you can land in one of the best views this country has to offer. It’s almost an 8-hour drive right through the middle of WA but we definitely wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t worth it.

Lake Hillier Esperance Western Australia

Top sights in Esperance

From the Pink Lake to Lucky Bay, there’s an abundance of spectacular sites to visit on your weekend in Esperance. The epic stretch of beaches boasts a shimmering sand in sunlight, filled with rich history: The Cape Le Grand National Park hosts Frenchman Peak, a popular hike which bursts with views once you reach the top.

Just need to escape to the water? In Esperance, you’re surrounded by a pure blue ocean that you cannot get sick of: ideal for water lovers that just need a beach crawl throughout the day.

With campsites available right on the waterfront, it’s no surprise that so many travel far and wide just to get a view: Lucky Bay, another must-see location, situated right in the Cape Le Grand National Park.

Kangaroo in Lucky Bay

Hamelin Bay, WA (via Margaret River)

You know, the Margaret River doesn’t just make amazing wines, beautiful vineyards and great food – it also hosts stingray sanctuaries, deep caves, and beaches to kick your feet up.

That being said, if you’re making your way over to Hamelin Bay, you must check out the wineries on offer as you head South.


Visit a local brewery or winery

Especially in this part of Australia, wine tours are appreciated by most – a testament to the region’s renowned and boastful set of beverages. In fact, if you’re not one to drink much wine, this area also hosts tonnes of brewery tours – another reason why you’ll need the entire weekend away.

Vineyards Margaret River Western Australia

Bonus Tip

While you’re in the Margaret River region, explore one of several caves. Lake Cave – one of the deepest in the area – is the only cave to have a permanent lake, which creates a still reflection and a jaw-dropping view.

Heading south to Hamelin Bay, make way for white sandy beaches and stingray sanctuaries. Like many places in Australia, it’s no surprise to see these animals in their natural habitat: so feel free to watch them swim in the bay, or feed on leftovers from the fishermen.

Alternatively, you can also make your way in for a dip: snorkel around the shipwrecks of Hamelin Bay, or swim amongst a diverse collection of marine life.

If you’re well tuckered out at this point, spend a night at the Hamelin Bay Holiday Park to rest and recover. Here you’ll have access to a little kiosk if you’ve forgotten any goods, but do note, there’s barely any phone reception, so it’s a perfect time to escape from technology for a few hours.

Stingrays Hamelin Bay

Head back in time

If those ideas don’t get you on your feet or on the road, then head right for Augusta – a small town first discovered in 1622: it’s rich with history, and is backed by some amazing views from Australia’s largest mainland lighthouse. Did we forget to mention that from June to December, Augusta also observes over 35,000 whales migrate along the West Australian coast?

The Margaret River region has so much to offer: enjoy your stay, embrace the history nearby towns have to offer, and of course, embrace the wine!

Denmark, WA

Visited the Margaret River before? Just head a little further south to Denmark, about 5 hours down from Perth.

Though we’re not quite near the European sister, it can get quite cold in these parts – so we’d recommend exploring this region in the warmer months: September through to February will usually do the trick!


Our Top Spots

On your way , stop at Peaceful Bay, have lunch on the beach and embrace the crystal clear, calm waters. If you just can’t get enough, set up camp for the night at the Peaceful Bay Caravan Park – no one would blame you for spending a few nights here.

Keep going, and you’ll soon reach Greens Pool – another essential stop in Denmark known for pristine white sand and a turquoise-blue ocean.

Once you’ve settled in and found your spot, go for a wander around the rocks and find the big elephant-like rock formations looking into the Great Australian Bight. Here, you’ll be standing on some of the oldest rocks in the world – truly a sight not to be missed!

Elephant Rocks Western Australia

Finally pulled yourself away from Greens Pool? Make your way closer to Denmark, set up camp for the night, and explore other top sights like the ‘Valley of the Giants’ Tree Top Walk and local wineries. Like many other places close to Perth, this colder, but historical region is one weekend road trip you cannot excuse.

Heading North

Jurien Bay, WA

Jurien Bay is one of our favourite locations in Western Australia: swimming with sealions, crystal clear water, and some of the best fish & chips you’ll ever tuck into.

The best part? It’s only three hours away from Perth, and an easy coastal drive at that.


Find your adrenaline rush

Now as we said, if you’re looking for something a little more than the standard adventure, book a tour with Turquoise Safaris to snorkel amongst the sealions. When you’re done, you can make your way back to the shore, find your own private rock and try to spot Emus and Kangaroos as the sun sets over the ocean.

If you’re looking for a little extra adrenaline, Jurien Bay also rents out sand-boards to surf the dunes – a great way to cap off your day before jumping in for another quick dip. To settle in over the weekend, check out Jurien Bay Tourist Park – a great spot to park your campervan or to rest overnight in one of their new holiday units.

Sealions Jurien Bay

Bonus Tip

As you make your way through to Jurien Bay, be sure to stop at Pinnacles Desert: a set of rock formations created from leftover seashell deposits, spanning over 190 hectares.

All that being said, Jurien Bay is the perfect balance: a place where you can test the limits of your adrenaline, but also step back and forget about the time.

Kalbarri National Park, WA

Looking for something to cover the whole weekend? Drive along the coast of Perth, and head towards Kalbarri National Park: it’s all set for swimming, hiking or kayaking – so it’s perfect for all ages.


Our Preferred Route

While you’re there, gaze through Nature Window and take in the view that spans across the Murchison River – it’s an easy 500m from the closest car park, and doesn’t require a tonne of effort for looking over the world.

If you’ve worked up a sweat, head along the gorge, take the Z Bend trail to the water’s edge and enjoy a quick dip. Now, this spot is usually less populated, so if you’re looking for a bit more time to yourself, then it’s perfect.

Although there are plenty of caravan parks near Murchison River – like the Murchison Caravan Park – it’s worth noting that onsite camping in the National Park is pretty much non-existent. On a tight budget? We’d recommend staying in one of the rest stops (which is completely free) along the North West Coastal Highway.

Natures Window Kalbarri National Park

Soaking Up The Sun

After you’ve finished at Kalbarri drive, head 35 minutes back towards Perth and over to the pink lake that is: Hutt Lagoon.

Get there just before sunset, and watch the colours transform: sometimes it’s pink, sometimes it’s red, but no matter the day, it’s always breathtaking.

There are plenty of places to stop and get the perfect photo, so with a road to span around the lake – take your time, and just take in the view – enough said.

Bonus Tip

Bring insect repellent – you’ll thank us later. Don’t get us wrong, the trip, the views, and the whole experience is totally worth it – but the flies will get to you at some point.

Also, don’t be ashamed to wear a head net – an absolute blessing for your hikes in WA!

Road trips offer a perfect mix of food, culture and sightseeing. Hire a campervan in Perth, pack your bags, get set and go! Speak to the team at Travellers Autobarn for more details today.

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