Embark on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Western Australia with your trusty campervan! At Travellers Autobarn, we believe that the best adventures don’t have to cost a fortune. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 best free camping spots in Western Australia, just for you.

So, pack your bags, hop into your campervan, and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Western Australia’s great outdoors. Adventure awaits, and it’s never been more affordable!

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Mambi Island Camping Area

Lake Argyle, Western Australia

Aerial view of Kununurra, Western Australia

The Mambi Island Camping Area is quite remote, but if you love fishing, this just might be the perfect location for you. Travel along the Victoria Highway about 46 km to the northwest of Kununurra and then turn onto Parry Creek Road to look for the camping area.

There are a number of individual sites dotted amongst the trees and near the boat ramp of the Ord River. Remember, you’re in a natural environment! Regulators advise you to be aware of saltwater crocodiles (known as ‘salties’ by locals) in the vicinity and keep an eye out for other dangerous native Australian animals too.


  • Campfires are permitted
  • Toilets are available
  • No power available
  • No showers, but non-potable water is available
  • Dog friendly
  • Caution – access is via a dirt road, and this may be challenging for some vehicles

West Peawah River

Sherlock, Western Australia

Aerial view of river in Western Australia

If you’re looking for some more fishing opportunities, then why not check out West Peawah River? This facility is located on the banks of the Peawah, and you need to take the north-west coastal highway about 25 kms north-east of Whim Creek.

If you get there early enough, you’ll be able to set up under some shady trees.


  • Access is good, on sealed roads
  • Campfires are permitted
  • Toilets are available, but no showers or power
  • Bring your own water and don’t rely on the river, as it may be dry in drought conditions
  • Dogs are welcome

Mary Pool

Mueller Ranges, Western Australia

Remote and peaceful Mary Pool near Mary River. Nearest big town is Fitzroy Crossing.

If you happen to be in the Kimberley area, look for the Mary Pool Free Camp. It is situated about 180 km to the east of Fitzroy Crossing, or 109 km west of Halls Creek.

This is an extensive facility, situated on the banks of the Margaret River, and you will be able to access the camp on good quality, sealed roads. Keep your eyes open and watch for the possible presence of crocodiles in the river.


  • Toilets are available
  • Campfires are permitted
  • More than 50 sites available
  • Dogs are welcome
  • No showers or power available
  • Water may be available from the river, but it’s not potable
  • Maximum stay 24 hours
  • Suitable for Camper trailers

Peak Charles

North Cascade, Western Australia

The mountain in Western Australia known as Peak Charles

If you’re looking for some spectacular scenery, travel no further than Peak Charles. This camping ground is situated in the National Park of the same name and is about two hours north of Esperance and three hours of Lucky Bay. Look for the town of North Cascade to help you get your bearings.

Peak Charles gets its name from a towering granite peak that stretches more than 600 metres in height. If you’re adventurous, you will be able to climb up some of its steep hiking paths to gaze off into the far distance. On a clear day, you will be able to see many shimmering, salt lakes in the distance stretching all the way to the horizon. Certainly, this is rugged camping at its best, and you’ll understand why many people return here year after year because of its outstanding natural beauty.

Please note that on top of the usual safety precautions to take when driving in Australia, you may need four-wheel-drive to access this site.


  • First come, first served
  • Simple bush toilets
  • Few scattered picnic tables
  • No pet policy announced

Disappointment Rock

Norseman, Western Australia

Black-footed wallaby looking at the camera in Western Australia

Don’t let the name fool you – Disappointment Rock in Norseman offers a truly enchanting free camping experience. As you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a mesmerizing display of vivid spring wildflowers adorning the rich red earth, making it an idyllic spot for both picnics and overnight stays.

While facilities such as toilets, showers, and shade are not available, the location more than makes up for it with its captivating scenery. Plus, you’re welcome to gather around a cozy fire during your visit. So, pause your journey at this remarkable destination and revel in the breathtaking sights that surround you.


Check out the amenities waiting for you:

  • Pet-friendly
  • Dedicated communal fire pit
  • Picnic table area
  • Suitable for campervan and camper trailer

Betty’s Beach

Albany, Western Australia

Sunrise at Betty Beach, Western Australia

If you’re looking for something that is a little less frenetic, why not try Betty’s Beach? It’s located between Norman’s Beach and Two People’s Bay, about 40-minute drive from the town centre of Albany. This is a secluded and quiet area that is perfect for fishing or just relaxing. You may have to arrive early to find a great spot, and remember that the campsite is closed from mid-February to late April for the salmon spawning season.


  • Good for caravans and campers, but access is through a dirt road
  • Pets are welcome
  • Showers are available
  • No toilets
  • Maximum stay 48 hours

James Price Point

Waterbank, Western Australia

James Price Point, Broome - Western Australia

About 52 km to the north of Broome, you will find the James Price Point camping grounds. This is a fascinating area and was once dubbed “Australia’s Jurassic Park” by scientists following the discovery of a dinosaur print, while many fossilised footprints of ancient man have also been discovered. Offshore you will find the largest humpback whale nursery in the world, and you’ll be able to relax on inviting sandy beaches and spectacular coastline.

Take the Manari road from the town of Waterbank, and access is by a gravel road to a gravel parking area.


Lake Ballard

Ularring, Western Australia

Nature lovers and camping enthusiasts will find a slice of paradise at Lake Ballard, one of the best free camping spots in Western Australia. With stunning views and self-composting toilets, you’ll feel at peace with nature in no time.

Be prepared with firewood if you’re camping from April through October, as there are fire rings available for use. And, if you’re an art lover, you’ll be delighted to know that Lake Ballard is home to the largest outdoor gallery in the country. Get lost in the beauty of Western Australia at this gem of a camping spot.


  • Toilets available
  • Little light pollution – perfect for stargazing
  • Accessible to big rigs, campervans, camper trailers and motorbikes
  • Fire pits
  • Dump point
  • Dog-friendly

Wolfe Creek Crater

Sturt Creek, Western Australia

Witness the second-largest meteorite crater on the planet while taking in the stunning scenery and wildlife of the surrounding national park. With campsites featuring free toilets available, there’s no need to spend a single penny on lodging at Wolfe Creek Crater campground.

However, make sure to bring ample water for your trip, as you won’t find showers or any other amenities. While you can’t have a fiery barbeque, the views will leave you smitten. Pack your bags, grab your gear, and make this one-of-a-kind camping opportunity a priority.


  • Toilets available
  • Bushwalking
  • No pets allowed

Lake Poorrarecup

Frankland River, Western Australia

Wombat in Australia

Last on the list, but first in our estimation, is the stunning Lake Poorrarecup. You will need to travel to the northern side of Poorrarecup Lake to find this free campsite, which is very popular due to its extensive range of water activities. Here, you will be able to indulge if you love boating, skiing, sailing or canoeing, and you can hang out with both visitors and locals alike as you do so.

If you’re not too interested in aquatic matters, you can still commune with nature by taking trails through the bush to see what bird or plant life you can find. Travel 42 km to the southwest of Cranbrook for this gem.


  • Note that this is a dirt road access
  • Toilets and showers are available
  • Water available
  • Suitable for caravans or campers
  • Picnic table available
  • No pets permitted
  • Non-potable water
  • Fires permitted (prohibited from October 1st to April 30th each year)

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