When people think Australia – they usually think of world-class beaches, vast outback, and of course, a diverse array of native Australian animals. It’s no secret that Australia is home to a lot of the world’s most deadly wildlife, but don’t let that scare you from going into the wild! Encounters with dangerous animals are not as often as people believe, and it’s actually an extremely rare occurrence to be seriously hurt by one of these animals.

In reality – you are much more likely to encounter a group of humble kangaroos, emus, parrots, lizards, or even a koala if you’re lucky. Of course, you can visit a zoo to see these animals in an enclosure, but there’s no more thrilling and organic experience than spotting them in their natural habitat. Many of these animals are active in the early morning or at dusk, so the best opportunity to do this is when you’re camping. Here are our top five campervan and camping locations in Australia to see some (friendly) critters!