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Campervan hire in Perth, the city of the golden sunset, Land of the sandgroper and the Fremantle Dr and a great place to start your road trip journey. Whether you plan to catch a wave, drink some shiraz or feed some dolphins, there’s plenty to explore in Western Australia, in a state bigger than most countries. Book or enquire today about campervan rental Perth & backpacker car sales.

Why visit Campervan Hire Perth Office

  • Campervan/car rental quotes
  • Pick-up/drop-offs of campervan rental vehicles
  • Buying a vehicle – we always have plenty in stock


Freecall: 1800 674 374

International Telephone:

flagNz From New Zealand: 09 8891 737
Flag-UK From the UK: 020 3287 8375
flagUsa From the USA: 0213 438 9976
Flag-DE From Germany: 06103 3723 922
From Other Countries: +61 2 9360 1500

(Local call costs apply)

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday & Public Holidays: CLOSED

Address: 16 Adrian Street, Welshpool, WA 6106

How to get here from the airport

  • You will need to take the bus (no.40) and get off at Great Eastern Hwy (after Cornwall St), this should take 15 mins. From here you will need to walk to Burswood Stn, this is a 5 minute walk. At Burswood Stn get the Thornlie Train Line to Welshpool Stn. Get off at Welshpool Stn and from here it is a 5 minute walk. This journey should take 45 minutes and cost you approx. $5. We highly recommend you take a taxi.
  • Unfortunately there is no direct train from Perth airport to the branch.
  • From the Domestic and International airport terminals a taxi costs approximately $30 and will take around 20 minutes.

How to get here from the city

  • There is a bus from St. George’s Terrace (no. 212) which will cost you approx. $3; you’ll need to get off at Albany Hwy after Boundary Rd. This will take you around 25 minutes; it is then a 10-15 minute walk to us.
  • The easiest and quickest way is to get the Thornlie Train Line from Perth CBD directly to Welshpool station; this should take approx. 20 minutes and cost $3. It’s then a 5 minute walk.
  • A taxi from the City will cost you between $15 and $25 and will take around 20 minutes. One of the main companies operating in the CBD is Swan Taxis (131330).
  • Forget walking – it takes far too long! A taxi or train from the City is a much better option.

Closest Petrol Station

The closest petrol station is just three minutes away, Shell Petrol Station location at 36 Welshpool Road, Welshpool

Closest Car Wash

The closest car wash is just five minutes away, Perfect Hand Carwash, located at 1145 Albany Highway, Bentley WA 6102.

Closest Supermarket

The closest supermarket is just three minutes away, located at 1140 Albany Hwy, Bentley WA 1602.

Nearby Caravan Parks

Perth Central Caravan Park – 34 Central Avenue 6104, Approx. 15 minute drive from the Perth branch.

Carine Gardens Caravan Park – 37 Old Balcatta Road Carine WA 6020 – Approx. 25 minute drive from the Perth branch.

Discovery Caravan Park – 186 Hale Rd Forrestfield WA 6058 – Approx.  15 minute drive from the Perth branch. 

What People are Saying

peter verhoeven
peter verhoeven
02:39 07 Nov 17
The bond for 14 days does nog work in this way you arranged it. It cost us a lot of effort to get it back after 4 weeks.
Annemarie Knaup
Annemarie Knaup
08:15 07 Sep 17
Travellers Autobarn- a good choice to get around- good value for money.The Pickup in Perth was unfortunately delayed due to some technical issues but the staff was so kind to move the drop-off to a later time. There is also a really nice sandwich restaurant. Go there for a snack before you hit the raod.Being able to pre-check in via an online form was very convenient and speed up the check in process.The way of taking notes of the already dented or scratched parts of the Camper was excellent. The introduction video was also helpful and easy - you get what you expect.The extra information given and the road map was a nice bonus and it was easy to look up things while making your way to the next stop. You can also get a 10% Discount at certain campgrounds which was pretty cool.Being on the road for 15 days without any incident or issues in general was just awesome. Even the big Hi5 Camper automatic was super easy to drive, even for my mate who had never driven a larger car before.However remember not to drive from dusk till dawn. While crossing the Nullarbor we saw heaps of dead Kangaroos. It’s much safer during the day :) and you can see the alive ones better. As well as Emus, Alpacas and what not, walking along the raod.Make sure you’ll find at least one campground where there is no light anywhere near and no bigger city close by. You’ll be able to see the milky way if you look up ;) Traveling during the Australian winter is actually not too bad. Campgrounds are cheaper, no mosquitos, it’s not busy at the sights, yaay. and not too hot in the van. I’d take my own sleeping bag next time though, the ones from the Van were too cold for me. Quick Tip- if you travel during winter, make sure you get the heater. It’s small but does a good job- totally worth it.Sleeping up is not ideal for claustrophobic people as there is not much space between you and the ceiling. It’s doable though and even sleeping up there with two people is manageable. The car has a great way of circulating the air as there was never thick air even in the morning and no wet windows from breathing as one might think.There is also not much space to store luggage so make sure you bring soft bags to squeeze them under the back seats. You also don’t need that much as they supply sleeping bags, towels, pillows, cutlery, pots, cups, kettle and plates. The van also had an AUX cord which was amazing and ee could play our music.I’ve heard that sitting in the back is not that comfortable. Just use pillows to make it more comfortable. The seats in the front are quite comfy and there is space for your coffee, phone, maps, etc.The best thing about the Van is probably that you can stop anywhere, turn on the gas and cook for yourself a little something while enjoying awesome views. You can also transform it in a two bedroom in approx. 10 minutes. It’s super easy.After 15 Days driving and sleeping in the Van I can say that it was a nice experience and it’s a reliable car. It definitely can be a home for a certain amount of time. Also driving up and down the mountains on small roads went super smooth, you might not think so but it works.The Drop-off in Sydney went smooth and quick, with a little survey at the end. I'd do it again :) Cheersread more
Ollie Holder
Ollie Holder
13:01 21 Aug 17
I rented the KUGA camper for 25 days on an epic road trip from Perth to Darwin. The trip started off poorly as I had missed the small print when using a family member's credit card for the bond. Whilst this was entirely my fault, the lady at the desk did state that this information was often missed by customers and that Travellers Autobarn were in the process of making it more clearer to speed up the vehicle pick up procedure.Once we had sorted everything out, we were on our way and the vehicle ran like a beauty. We had three people in the front and didn't at all feel claustrophobic. The gas tank lasted the full 25 days (which we refilled at the end of our trip for $7.99 to ensure we didn't have to pay the $50 fee) and the fridge kept running the entire time for all the cheese and wine we had (camping with style).The beds were comfy though you may have some trouble getting up to the top one if you are 6ft+! The ventilation of the vehicle we superb, although we did not start using the air con until we had crossed into Northern Territory.Travellers Autobarn is a great rental company and I strongly recommend going with them for any road trip you may have planned! My top tips from my experience would be:- Ensure you have ID for the card owner if you are using someone else's credit card for the initial bond- Take out windshield protection; far too many road trains kick up stones that chip away at the glass- Travel with two others; it's more efficient and more enjoyable, just make sure one of them is tiny or has a tent- Drive no faster than 80kmph as these heavy vehicles only get 400km to the tank- Drive slow at night - kangaroos and cattle can do serious damage to your vehicle and more importantly, your health!Thanks again to Travellers Autobarn and Amy, you guys are awesome!read more
Victoria Macdonald
Victoria Macdonald
02:05 22 Apr 17
We had a really positive experience with Autobarn. They were recommended to us by a fellow traveller and we not only received a quote very promptly when we emailed but also some itinerary ideas from them which was super helpful. Even though the van had done a lot of mileage we did not have any issues with the van through our entire trip, phew! Overall had a fantastic 2.5 weeks travelling around in the camper, memories we will never forget of Western Australia. Thanks Autobarn!read more
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