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Exploring Australia as a family will provide long-lasting memories which you will look back at for many many years to come. No matter how old your kids are – even if everyone is an adult – road trips always bring the family together (well a few arguments might happen on the way lol).

Feel free to read some of our tips for travelling with your family – no matter of age – through Australia. Best camp spots, best spots to visit with your family, what to consider when travelling with kids around Australia and much more.


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Guide to Family Camping in Australia

Download your full copy of the Guide to Family Camping in Australia, with campsites, extra road trip itineraries and tips from the team.


The Walton family is travelling the world with a toddler! Carly, Mike, and Whitney picked up their campervan from Travellers Autobarn in Melbourne and travelled up the east coast of Australia to Sydney. Sleeping at beautiful campsites, stopping at beaches, and wildlife spotting along the way, it was a perfect adventure! The Walton’s travelled in a Hi5 Campervan from Travellers Autobarn and loved the space and safety it provided them for their perfect family road trip.

The Walton family travelled to Australia with their little girl and hired a campervan from Travellers Autobarn. They travelled from Melbourne to Sydney in a Hi5 Campervan, and had an awesome and adventurous family road trip! Here is what they loved about travelling in a campervan…

Just because you’re living life on the road doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly. In fact, travelling in a campervan is a great time to get creative with some new recipes. You might be surprised to learn there is a lot you can cook in a campervan – you aren’t limited to just one pot meals or two-minute noodles!  A  road trip is not only filled with amazing destinations, they also made it a culinary adventure! We bet you didn’t think you could make pizza in a campervan?! Here’s a video to show you how it’s done.

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