Move over Bondi Beach, Fraser Island or Uluru! Australia’s real travel gems have been revealed!

Pink Lake, WA    

Ah, have you ever seen anything like this before! The colour of bubblegum pink, this salt Pink Lake is located about 3 km west of Esperance (and 710km from Perth). The lake gets its pink colour due to the high concentration of algae in the water.

The pink colour contrast between white rims of sand, green paperbark and eucalyptus trees and the blue ocean make this spot one of Australia’s most stunning coastal scenery! Hike to Pink Lake lookout for the best views and awesome shoots to take!

pink lake

Murrumbateman Wine Region, ACT

Let’s be honest, not many people really plan on visiting the ACT region when they come over to Australia. But, you know what, they should, and one of the reasons is the Murrumbatemen Wineries in the Yass Valley!

Located in the heart of the cool climate wine region surrounding Canberra, these wineries produce fine quality red and white wines showing bold fruit and strong regional characteristics. What a ‘delicious’ adventure it is to drive around the surrounding vineyards and taste premium table wines like Barbera, Merlot, Chardonnay, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, White Port, Shiraz or Mead.

According to experts the “majority of wine grapes in Australia are grown in warmer regions but many of Australia’s super premium world class wines come from cooler regions. The slow ripening and accumulation of flavours are promoted by cool conditions prior to harvest”. If you go in October during the long weekend you can stuff your face with delicious signature meals made from fresh local produce and match with regional wines. So add the Murrumbateman Moving Feast on your bucket list!


Ord River, WA

Find yourself wandering along the Ord River – located about 850 km west of Darwin. We bet you’ll fall in love with this untypical Australian style tour: 3 day self-guided canoe tour (from the dam at Lake Argyle to Kununurra) with a no worries and go for it attitude!  Dare to jump off a 12 m rock like Crocodile Dundee and not to worry about small crocodiles they are only freshies! (but please always be croc wise in croc country!).

Along the river, there are campgrounds where you can find everything you need including cooking areas, toilets and off-the-ground tent placements. So no excuse to enjoy to the fullest the quiet and peaceful gorgeous scenery!


Yorke Peninsula, SA

You know what they say… Travel often and Eat well. Well Yorke Peninsula offers both!

Located North West of Adelaide, this region has the best seafood and the best spots to camp.  With kilometres and kilometres of white sandy and pristine beaches, it’s gonna be very hard to choose where to fish and what to eat! Eat like a local and go for crab, crayfish or scallops plucked fresh from the sea and slam it down with a cold beer made from locally-grown barley!

Find the magic… along the coast you’ll find picturesque surfing spots, emus, kangaroos, ospreys and eagles but also whales and dolphins. The region’s national parks give you a chance to camp in the picture postcard beauty of the region and offer different accommodation category (holiday home, caravan park or camping) to suit every budget. You will remember every last detail of this trip forever!


 Lake Eildon, VIC

Just a couple of hours north east of Melbourne you have Lake Eildon. A stunning fresh water lake surrounded by bush land. A great place to go and relax for a couple of days, enjoy some time on the water and go hiking. Here’s a fun fact, Lake Eildon has a 515km shoreline and stores six times as much water as Sydney Harbour when it’s at its full capacity! That’s a whole lotta water!

How about hiring a boat and going fishing with your friends. As one of Australia’s most popular freshwater fishing destinations you can expect to catch brown troat, rainbow trout, redfin, perch, Murray cod, roach, tench and carp to name a few!

If you want to get a good view head east of the town centre of Eildon down Jerusalem Creek Road. Here you will get to Mount Pinniger sitting at 543 metres, overlooking breathtaking views around the surrounding waterway. Whilst in the area you could also go and check out the harbour where there are lots of houseboats pulled up. You can reach the harbour by continuing east along Jerusalem Creek Road.

Lake Eildon

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